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    I have Win 98 loaded on a 4.3Gb HDD
    It runs fine on my P200 but as soon as I hook it up to the P75 I plan to use in my car it does not detect an operating system.
    Anybody have any ideas as to what this could be?
    I know im going to be told to use MPXPlay or the like but I'm sticking with Windows for the time being.

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    Unfortunately, hard drives aren't quite Plug&Play. When it boots up, does it detect the hard drive itself? My guess is that you have a jumper/BIOS problem. First of all, look at the drive itself and see if the jumpers are set correctly. The correct settings should be listed in the documentation or, if you haven't got the documentation, check if there's a key printed on the drive, and check the manufacturer's web site. The drive should be the master and should be attached to the primary IDE controller. If that all seems to be in order, watch the computer boot and see if it displays the right information about the drive (almost all BIOSes display some information about the IDE/SCSI devices that are connected at bootup, usually something like a brandname (or GENERIC) and the size/speed. Then go into the BIOS (usually you hit F1 or something when it says something like "Press F1 to enter the BIOS" during bootup. The BIOS should have recognized the drive. If it hasn't, try tweaking the BIOS settings to try to make it recognize the drive. Remember, it has to be the master on the primary controller for the OS to boot off of it. Anyhow, I hope this is helpful.


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      Yeah that is all set correctly.
      In fact some times it goes and sometimes it doesnt it's very unreliable!

      I've also got a problem with winamp crashing whenever I have the Irman plugin loaded.
      Anyone know what this is?
      Ive downloaded new versions of the plugin and it still happens.


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        well just spend the cash and buy a decent processor. It will help more that you can imagine. I've been there

        UPDATE: I moved farther north. Now its even too cold for the deer; only moose now