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Need DOS player which supports my soundcard

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  • Need DOS player which supports my soundcard

    The mp3 player that I'm building is based on a booksize PC with integrated everything on the motherboard. Unfortunately, this means that the soundcard is integrated in as well, and without expansion slots, I'm stuck with it.

    The card is a C-Media CMI-8738. It is supposedly Sound Blaster compatible, but does not work with any of the DOS players that I have tried (mpxplay, Damp, DOSamp). Winamp works fine, but I really want to reduce the boot time.

    Is there another player out there that might support my soundcard? I'm fairly proficient in Linux, so that might be an option for me as well but I don't believe I have drivers for my card, unless they are provided with Linux.

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    Dude, if your bookPC boots in more than 20sec, I think you are doing something wrong. I have SEEN! couple of bookPC boot up in less than 18sec. Go back to the drawing board.

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      There are different manufacturers of Booksize PCs. Mine is made by some company in Taiwan I believe. 18 seconds would be hella fast -- with DOS mine would boot in about 20 but Windows 98 2nd Ed. takes about 45-50 seconds to boot on it.

      What OS were they running?



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        Are you using <a href=''>this</a> driver from ? These DOS drivers need to be loaded in your autoexec.bat before you can play any music in DOS (should be automatically done by install prog included with DOS driver, but you may wanna check to make sure)


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          Yeah that's the driver that I'm using. I just e-mailed the place where I bought the computer from, and according to them, the onboard soundchip is only Sound Blaster Pro compatible in Windows, _not_ in DOS. However, they did say that it is Sound Blaster compatible (is that 16-bit) which should work with most of the DOS players out there (mpxplay, Damp) but doesn't.

          So, to anyone that is thinking about buying one of these to use -- you can't run DOS. Linux may be a possibility, but it would be nice to know if anyone else has does this successfully before I bother wiping my disk and trying it.

          Marlin Liew


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            I'm using a motherboard with this chip under linux. There is support for the cmi8738 in the Linux kernel. You need a faily recent 2.2 series kernel. I'm using 2.2.13 and it works fine. You may need to recompile the kernel to get it to work. When you do the kernel config, make sure to enable "experimental features" so that you get to see the cmi8738 option. Even though it's listed as experimental, it works fine for me. See the documentation in
            (The drivers supports both 8338 and 8738 chips.)