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Winamp plugin that saves current song?

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  • Winamp plugin that saves current song?

    Has anyone made a Winamp plugin which will save the current song playing and time of the song when the power to the computer is cut?

    I just got my car PC up and running and have been using it for about a week now. One of the most annoying things about it is that everytime I turn it on it always starts at the beginning of the playlist. My old headunit would start exactly at the place where it left off when I shut the car off and I wish my mp3 player would do the same.

    If nobody has done this then I'm going to try and code this myself. I thought I'd save myself some time by asking first in case something like this was already out there.

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    Don't know if this exists, but if you can pull it off I'd love to have a copy


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      My app does that, but it is not a plugin. It is fairly easy to do with a plugin.

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        Maybe you should leave winamp in shuffle mode and then close it, so it would be in this mode the next time you start it again, and play a different song by the "random". I've done this because i began to hate every first song on the playlist...


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          The "Reproduction Control" does that (turning random off, and the automatic search for files).

          It's available on winamp, general plug-ins. (it doesn't save the time, just the song...)


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            I have the reproduction control but I don't see any option which will allow you to save the last song played. When I boot up, it always starts on the first song unless I have it on shuffle mode.

            Shuffle mode works alright, but it seems as though it never plays certain songs and plays select songs all the time. Also, it's hard to find specific songs when they aren't in any particular order.

            My application is already coded that will do exactly as I described above. Also, it will allow you to set hotkeys for equalizer settings so that they can be changed on the fly. Now all I need to do is figure out how to make it a Winamp plugin from VB6.



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              Well Marlin keep the good work, i've always wanted to control the EQ and never seen any plugin that does that, keep us informed, good luck