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VB: Compiling a .exe into a Winamp .dll

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  • VB: Compiling a .exe into a Winamp .dll

    I've finished coding my Winamp plugin. Now I have to figure out how to compile my code to run as a Winamp plugin (.dll) instead of a Windows executable (.exe) file. I've never coded any .dlls before and I haven't been able to figure it out.

    Does anyone know where I can find some code examples of Winamp plugins written in VB6? Even a tutorial on how to write ActiveX .dll files in VB would be helpful.

    Marlin Liew

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    I seriously doubt you can do it. The winamp plugins are specifically written with c/c++. VB is NOT a real programming language. Sorry but i just have to say it.

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      You can make a DLL, no problem, you just have to be aware of the way you design your program. Unfortunately, i dont know much about programming up against winamp via dll. The problem with the plugin dll, is that it must conform to certain naming conventions. And i dont know anything about winamps naming convention. (winamp assumes that certain functions will be called a certain name).

      Open VB, and choose activex dll, and do your programming and compile .. and voila you have a dll.

      Phacade GSX, you will need to locate some information on winamp plugins, i believe they have a developers page in there somewhere. Another good idea is to learn a little about how dlls work

      Good luck, and it is nice to se that there are people out there that are willing (and has the time) to develop programs for the mp3 scene