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  • Best options on software for this box

    Hi, I received an old Compaq Deskpro in a slim case that fits neatly under the passenger seat in my car. I already have a DC-DC psu, a Palm III, 2GB disk, CD-ROM, SB16, the car, etc.

    Note: The deskpro is a 486/33 with 24MB RAM, but I dropped a kingston CPU that is supposed to behave like a P75.

    Now I'm figuring out which would be the best approach in software for the box...

    1. Win98 (stripped down with WIn98 lite), WinAmp and PalmAmp.

    2. DOS, MPXPLAY, and a lot of development for a client on the Palm.

    3. Linux, XMMS, and PalmAmp for XMMS

    4. Any suggestions???


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    My first install was exactly P75 with W98Lite, winamp as shell, Palm plugin...
    Was working fine unless the boot time...
    Plus the Palm plugin is not very easy to use while driving, buttons to small, ...
    I switched to dos meanwhile... (Without palm)...
    Hope it helps...


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      Thanks, well I have wired a little pocket agenda to behave like a keyboard. (ripped a normal keyboard, took the circuit away, then ripped an electronic agenda, so the buttons were used like some keys).

      So maybe i can use both my mini keyboard and the Palm...

      Anyone have wrote something to use the Palm as a More decent serial LCD?