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    I have a slight problem that maybe you guys can help me with. I have a network card installed and when my sytem loads up i get the network login. My question is if / how can i have it so it automatically logs in. I don't want to remove it cause i will need it to transfer files from my main system to my mp3 machine. thanks.

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    In network properties choose windows logon as the primary log-on. Also set no password under the passwords applet in control panel.
    That should do it

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      Or use the TweakUI to set a autologon. It does the following Registry Changes.

      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Winlogon]


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        Best idea is to go to the system properties from the control panel, goto the network card properties and disable it. #1 this will take care of the login problem, #2 it will also add some boot time as I am sure you are probably being stalled up for probably about 20-30 seconds just because it is looking for the network connectoin. Then when you need to use the network card again, just goto the system properties, and uncheck the disable choice.

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          Well the problem with that is that if i disable it i will have no way to enable it via network without a screen. I need the network to transfer files. I suppose i could transfer disk to disk. I'm still looking for a lcd or display in my area and i have yet to be successful ( montreal ). I know they have online but i don't really feel safe sending money. But ya i could disable it and remove the login at beginning. thanks.


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            Just install a program called TweakUI. It will let enter in you net logon without a prompt. Can be found at

            Hope that helps,