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  • MPXPlay / MPXF ... random play

    Just wondering if anyone has noticed the apparent poor-programming in MPXPlay (or MPXF, I'm not sure which controls random play) when you select to randomly play your database (or a playlist).

    It appears that the random-number-generator is actually tied to the date ... what I am saying is what you hear in random play appears to be a function of the date. Now, I know that (when programming) in order to have a random number generated you have to feed it some number (it needs something to start with) and it will base a sequence off of that, but why on earth would they use the date? A random clock tick off of the system clock is the way to go ...

    As a result of using the date to generate random numbers, by the time I'm returning home from work (round trip time of 35 minutes or so, MPXPlay has booted three times total usually) I will start running into songs I've already heard (but ONLY that day). It's kind of funny, I suppose, and it's not really a problem if you never stop and restart the system, but as I do multiple times in the day I have noticed that. I wish the code to MPXPlay was open source, I'd love to be able to change it.