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for those who want to WOW without Windows! (awesome alphabet alliteration!)

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  • for those who want to WOW without Windows! (awesome alphabet alliteration!)

    A DOS program called DAMP is on the website for programs that are on "other" platforms. Its a very bugg program and the GUI interface is not finished, but the scrolling ID3 title/artist is readable as it scrolls across a geiss-ish SFX flashy junk. woohoo for DOS.

    As for choosing what to play, make your own Qbasic frontend shell!
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    Do they give out the Source code for DAMP?
    Im talking about DOS ported version?
    Anybody knows?


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      DAMP is outhere a couple of moths now

      - LCD Support
      - and lots of other stuff


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        I am a newbie to mp3 boxes. As i am gathering parts for my box, i have also been working on my own interface program that runs in DOS. i would actually like some input on what you think would be good for key configurations (commands) etc. i have a working prototype and i'm willing to share my source...(hope you like basic ) if you're interested email me at [email protected]


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          Hi, I'm the author of DAMP, and I've had a lot of positive feedback about it. Several people are already using it for in-car MP3 players, and it was used for an article in "Electronics & Beyond" magazine, about building an MP3 player for your home hi-fi setup.

          LCD support is driver based, so it's easy to support all kinds of output devices.

          There's also driver-based input, so you can add support for all kinds of input devices. DAMP also features joystick-input as standard.

          There's a front-end in development at
          It's being developed by a guy who's using DAMP for his in-car MP3 player.

          With regards to DAMP being out "for a couple of months", it's been out since May 1999, so it's really quite stable now.

          As for the source, that'll be out soon. See the faq.txt in the latest WIP version for why it's not out yet...

          And yes, the GUI is incomplete, but nobody ever bugged me to finish it :-)

          Hope that clears everything up.

          Matt Craven, DAMP author.


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            Would it be possible to have programable key mappings? I'd like to use the keypad setup, but I also plan on keeping my linux player, which I've gotten all the labeling on the keypad the way I like. To be able to use the same keymappings would be great!

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              It's should already be possible, via the input driver system.

              Matt Craven, DAMP author.
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