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A tip for speeding up win98 start

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  • A tip for speeding up win98 start

    I got this tip from and since i dont recollect seeing this one around i though that i would post it

    If you want to speed up Windows 98's start up procedure, you can shave
    a few seconds by making some changes to the Msdos.sys file. However,
    the Msdos.sys file is a System file that has both the Read-only and
    Hidden attributes enabled, so it won't show up in either My Computer
    or Windows Explorer unless you've enabled the Show all files option on
    the View tab of the Folder Options properties dialog box. Once you've
    found Msdos.sys, you need to disable the Read-only attribute so that
    you can edit the file. To do so, right-click the file's name in the
    window and select Properties from the shortcut menu. When you do, you'll
    see the Msdos.sys Properties dialog box. At this point, deselect the
    Read-only check box and click OK. (Don't worry about the Archive and
    Hidden check boxes--you can leave them selected.)

    Now, launch Notepad, open the Msdos.sys file, locate the [Options]
    section, and add the setting BootDelay=0. Then, save the Msdos.sys
    file and close Notepad. Finally, return Windows Explorer or My Computer,
    access the Msdos.sys Properties dialog box again, and re-enable the
    read-only attribute.

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    Sorry to tell you this but
    BootDelay is not supported in Windows 98.

    BootDelay support was removed in Windows 98 to improve Windows startup speed.

    But yes, in Win95 it will work.

    Humm one more thing, I might be wrong about this but msdos.sys is a system file as default, +s so you will have to open a command prompt and enter:
    attrib -s msdos.sys
    or "attrib -r -s -h msdos.sys" without quotation marks to get rid of all those flags at once and then edit msdos.sys.

    // Markus

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