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  • MPXPlay - Stutter Start!

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and found a solution:

    When using MPXPlay (MPXF as a front end, but that should't matter), if I allow a song to end on its own (without me pressing the next track button) everything works perfectly. However, if I press next track, the current track that is playing gives a quick "stutter" before going to the next track. I've tried it with Normal and Random modes, so I know it's not like MPXPlay is busy for a second selecting (randomly) what the next song will be. I take it this must be a delay/refresh feature somewhere? I'm fairly certain that it has nothing to do with MPXF, as that's already passed the playlist on to MPXPlay and it is doing nothing (but reading the LCD for it's TSR).

    Thanks for any help!

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    Hmm ... just played around with turning off the EQ graphics and turning down the refresh rate, and it seems that did the trick. I don't exactly have the fastest turtle around (I have a P133 w/ 16MB of RAM), but you'd think that'd be enough to handle most of that stuff. I mean, I'm watching (on a monitor plugged in) MPXPlay play perfectly with it's much-more-complex EQ. I'm beginning to question a lot of that MPXFTSR (and MPXF) programming ... have the stuff doesn't work, or it slows down the system to a crawl. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining too much, it works alright 95% of the time, and I don't have to deal with crappy Windows and it's crappy boot time (not to start off another round of nerd debates or anything! )


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      i had the same prob with mpxplay 1.43alpha

      i switched to 1.42 and it works fine

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        I just checked what version I have, and it's v1.42 ... I also mis-typed earlier though in saying I had a P133, it's actually a P120 - but that shouldn't make that much of a difference. I've turned off any EQ functions (at least they're not displayed at all), and turned down the refresh rate of how often MPXF looks at MPXPlay to grab the EQ display to some ridiculous number. I am keeping the rate that controls how often MPXF looks at MPXPlay for a new song at a fairly high rate (I think I have it at 2 right now). Much lower with that setting just results in several seconds of play before the screen updates with the song. The problem of "stuttering" seems to be gone for the most part, it only does it very occasionally.

        I also ran the thing plugged into the house overnight last night, in a robustness test, and it went about 8 hours it looks like before it messed up. Nowhere in industry would this be acceptable, but considering the small bugs associated with MPXF and MPXPlay it isn't bad! I also checked the temps of the CPU and power supply (to make sure they weren't the culprits) and they appeared a little above room temperature, so I doubt they had anything to do with its eventual crashing.


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          You may also wanna try turning off the fade in/out effects in mpxplay, (-s 0 if I recall right) That may take the problem out.


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            Guys the problem is not in EQ or refreash rate or anything like that. The problem is that when the mpxf(mpxplay)changes from one song to another it buffers the new song in to the RAM (this option can be turned on and off in MPXF 1.3 or in the .cfg file). And when it does that computer sort of stopes for secong to read the data from the HD and dump it in the that memory. At that time fraction of the secong sound card will make that noise and then will start the next song.
            One way to slove this problem is to not allow the mpxf(mpxplay) to load the whole song in to the memory or just load the id3 tags only (however note that even loading the id3 tags will make the computer to read of the HD which again might( if you got an old HD) do the same thing, not as bad though.
            So i think the best option would be is the load the ALL the id3 tags in the the ram at the start of the playlist and then it wont be going to the HD as often. However it seems the have some problems such as frezing up in mpxf 1.1 and up with mpxplay 1.42. But then again it might work fine for you.
            On the other hand if you let the song finish and the next one start, the pause between the songs is enough for it to read the HD and buffer it in the memory and also there is no audio signal going to sound card at that time, so it doesnt make any unwanted noises.
            Another words the problem is the way you set the thing up. And when you get rid of EQ and decreas the refresh rate what it does is takes the load of the CPU and enebles it to have enough power to read of the HD and at the same time work with sound card!



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              Back when I first set this thing up, I had it loading all of the ID3 tags into memory. But, once you exceed a hundred songs or so, the start up of MPXPlay becomes unbearable. I mean, it literally was 30 seconds before it would start playing the first song. I recall it sort of "stuttering" betweens songs a tad, too ...

              I will have to try turning off this entire-MP3 "buffer" that you speak of. I was not aware that it was actually doing this. Even so, would it be that much of a problem? I mean, does it wait for a HUGE portion (maybe all) of the song to be stored in memory?? The software should be more intelligent than to do that ...