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How to config Linux as carmp3 player?

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  • How to config Linux as carmp3 player?

    I'm thinking of dumping Win98 as my OS for my car player and loading Linux instead. I'm using a BookPC, made by I've only used Linux briefly before and never really setup much hardware and software on it.

    Is there a step by step tutorial available on how to config Linux to work as a car player? Loading the software and drivers shouldn't be that much of a problem. I'm more concerned with things like being able to shut the power off without shutting down
    first. I need info about little tweaks like that which are necessary for a car player but not for a desktop machine.

    Marlin Liew

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    There is a simple solution.
    It's called COAR. (Cajun On A Ramdisk).
    COAR is a script that will set up a ram disk image that becomes a root image on a ram disk when the system boots. (Rescue and install floppies usually do the same thing.)
    The hard drive partitions are mounted as read-only so they can still be read.
    The script sets everything up, asking you a few questions on the way, installs the image and runs lilo. You can still get into your old configuration by choosing it in lilo at boot time.

    The author wrote it for the Cajun player, but has made some modifications to make it more configurable and generic. I use it with the Irmp3 player.

    I'm really impressed with this script.
    I spent hours achieving a simmilar end by heavy editing of my system init scripts,
    COAR makes it really simple.