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    Does someone have a site with a good description of how to set up a DOS system? I finally got my system into my car and 1 1/2 minutes seems like an eternity (using Win98). I am also having problems with Win trying to boot up into safe mode if I cut the power before it finishes loading (anyone know how to fix that?) I think running a DOS system would be best for me since I don't have a display and aren't planning on getting one for a few months. My system is currently networked so I can update it quickly, how is DOS with Ethernet cards/LAN support? I am a novice when it comes to running DOS as my main OS.

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    There are some problems with Dos as a network layer

    First of it doesnt nativly support network. This means you will have to hunt down the necessary files.

    To run a network on ipx you will need the following ( i may forget some its been a while)

    lsl.? (com/exe)
    ie (network driver for dos)

    ipx.? (com/exe) or ipxodi. ? (com/exe)

    This will enable the network (transportation layer)
    However there is no network sharing of any kind in this, this will only enable communications on the ipx protocol

    To utilise the transport layer you will need a "file" interface or network system.

    i can recommend the following two

    Nowell network light (include lsl, ipx etc)

    FX (Fast lynx)

    I dont say these two are the best they are the ones i am able to remeber

    Good luck


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      Check out my site as I use DOS (and use Win95 for network access)

      Hope this helps



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        GrahamS page describes the dos part of the player fine.
        Network access over dos is a pain in the *** though. If you are just using the network access in order to update the mp3 files, there's an easy way to use win95/98 for that
        create a boot floppy using control panel-add/remove programs utility, then copy the msdos.sys file from c:\ to a:\, on the floppy version make bootgui=1.
        Then when it's time to access the network shares and change mp3s, you simply put in the floppy and reboot, it will then boot into windows and you can access the network.


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          yeah, but then you need a floppy disk drive...where by my method you simply press '1' on the keypad and it starts w95 for you.



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            Thanks for all the great info guys! I've gotten everything to work the way I want it to now (boot up in DOS w/mpxplay, boot to Win when I ask it to). But now I have another problem. I control my box with Irman... which works great with winamp. I have searched this board on how to use Irman in DOS and came up with IRDOS. Set I set it all up and put it into learning mode on COM1(IRDOS 1 L). Now everything seems to work fine... it reconizes the remote during training. But when I exit training and run mpxplay... nothing works. Has anyone had this experience? I've been searching the net for the IRDOS creator web site (is there one?) but can't find a thing. The text file included doesn't have much of a description. Maybe someone could post their autoexec or wherever they init. the IRDOS.