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2 problems with winamp

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  • 2 problems with winamp

    Right now I'm using win98, with winamp as the shell instead of explorer.exe.
    1) The machine boots up into winamp, but I explicitly have to press play before it starts playing, is there a command line switch or something to make winamp start playing automatically?
    2) when playing mp3's from the cdrom, there's occasional skips or hiccups. When I was using mpxplay, it had an option to load a song entirely into memory before playing, Is there a plug in or something to give the same functionality to winamp, or at least have it read 20 or 30 seconds ahead?

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    Sorry, I can't help you with your first question, but in answer to you second question, look under Winamp Preferences,
    in the input section. Choose the Nullsoft MPEG audio decoder and hit configure.
    Go to the Decoder tab and you will see an option called Full File buffering. I set this number to 10000 KiB (approx 10 min of 128kbps mp3) so it will fully load songs that are less than that in size.

    Chris Wise


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      there is a winamp plugin call Reproduction Control that automatically plays winamp upon has some other cool features as well.
      <a href=""></a>


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        Trongy, that's what I was looking for, thanx

        Zher0, That's more than perfect, it also fixes my "changing mp3 CD's on the fly" problem.

        you guys rock