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    Hi, i just recently went through the posts on this forum and discovered the DAMP software for a mp3car payer. In particular, i saw this schem.

    Now i've been writing my own software for a while and i'm very interested in the code behind this schematic. Can any one help me out? I'm looking for some c/C++ code to interface that setup with. I'm currently writing my own player with Xaudio sdk in dos using DGJPP...


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    Hey! i found some stuff that will definitely help me out! maybe it'll help you out too!

    if i were to read this just an year ago, i would have been hopelessly lost, but i actually understand this! my quarter spent in CS33 machine language paid off! I'm very excited, once i go home, i'm going to resume my project that i had to abruptly stop because of college... you can see it here:

    it's not much...