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Word Macro - Printing Winamp Playlist

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  • Word Macro - Printing Winamp Playlist

    Hello all,

    Back in March there was a thread about printing Winamp playlists. Well, someone wrote and sent me a wonderful MS Word macro which took the m3u file, eliminated the extinf junk, numbered the songs and formatted the text. Man, it was great. Unfortunately, like an idiot, I changed my systems around and wound up losing the macro.

    I wish I could remember the name of the kind citizen who sent me that thing. Was it you Cenwesi? If whoever did it is out there and still has it would you be so kind as to either post it or email it to me?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Just to follow up. I have tried every other method/program discussed in this bulletin board for printing the playlist and this was by far the best. You simply opened the m3u file in Word, executed the macro, and Word immediately formatted and numbered the list. The nice thing was it produced the songs in a directory format.

    For example:

    185 Rock and Pop\Beatles\White Album\Helter Skelter

    In other words, it lists the playlist in the way the MP3s are organized on your HD. If we can't find the author of this, could anyone out there maybe do it? I remember he told me it was pretty easy for someone who had experience with Word macros. I sure do wish I knew who that was.


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      It was me. I sent you the document I use and will look for the one I modified for you. If not I will modify the one I have to meet your needs. Sorry for the delay but I was on vacation at DisneyWorld....


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        Found it. It's not a seperate document but a seperate macro in the document I sent you. If you goto macros and run the CreatePlaylist2 macro you will get what you are looking for. You will have to edit the macro to point to your playlist. If you look at the code you will see the directory and path of my master playlist and you can just change it and resave it. You might also want to make that macro a startup macro so you will not have to do anything but load the document and print it. Let me know if you have any questions with it.


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          sir, could you send me that macro? my email addy is:


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          "if everything is under control, you're not going fast enough!"


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            would you mind chucking me a copy?


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              Besides its an old topic, could you please send me the macro?, i have a program thats supposed to print the playlists, but it doesnt works...thanks in advance...



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                I'm guessing you're going to get a "few" requests for this one. With over 8 Gigs of songs, this would sure be handy. May I also please have a copy? Maybe someone here could host it for you?
                Many thanks :}

                My email is


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                  I'd also like a copy of the Macro...

                  I've thought about maybe creating an account at with a user name of mp3car and 'password' as the password.

                  That would be close enough to an FTP Server to post anything we need.

                  Any opinions to this idea?

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                    I created a shared folder on
                    The file is mp3cat.doc and the link is
                    There are 2 macros in the document. One creates a 2 column list with Number, Artist, Song name. Kevin likes the second one that prints a single column with the Number, directory, and song name.
                    I have put the Playlist head in the document header and the page number in the footer. Like Kevin said you will have to mod the code to point to your playlist. Let me know here or email me if you have any questions/problems.


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                      Thanks Kevin and wrangler, will try it right now


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                        what username and password did you use???
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                          you have to be a freedrive member.

                          It's free.

                          Then you can get it.


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                            spud42: if you do not want to sign up I can email it to you. Just let me know.