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    Hey folks, I'm trying to configure the IRMAN winamp plugin, and I'm having a problem. Everything works fine, but no matter what button I choose to control load playlists and playlist forward/reverse it never does it. I selected the folder that the playlists are in and made 2 playlists called "1.m3u" and "2.m3u".

    Any ideas?


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    Well I'm glad this question came up, because I was just going to post the same thing... I just recieved my irman Sat. & everything works great, except the load playlists. I tried just about everything, and it never responds to that function. I also found that the volume up and down doesn't respond, but I can live with that...


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      You've configured a button to activate the load playlist command, right? So you're pressing a button (your 'load playlist' button) and then your 1 or 2 button? I just set mine up to try and recreate your problem, but everythings working out.


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        Ok, I think I know what I might be doing wrong... I am just hitting the "load playlist" button that I have programmed. I have not been pressing another one after it. The remote I am using is an old sony cd remote, & it doesn't have very many buttons... I don't have anything programmed for load playlists than the load playlist button. Will it not just automatically load a playlist? or do you have to program a button for certain playlists?


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          ok, to load a playlist you have two options. You obvioulsy are going w/ the 1.m3u, 2.m3u etc. Ok, configure your buttons on your remote for the load playlist button. I use the enter button my remote. So therefore to load playlist 1, i would press 1 Enter (Load Playlist). But on my remote I also programmed the channel buttons to cycle through the playlists. The up channel is the previous playlist and the down is the next playlist. This works in that if ure listening to playlist 3.m3u and want to listen to 4.m3u, u can just press the next playlist button, simple. Id suggest finding a small universal remote w/ all numbers and w/ channel, FF, RW, and so on so that you can have endless possibilities w/ your remote.


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            Thanks. I think I might get it going now.