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  • Windows Me hibernation

    hello there after reading several posts about win Me's hibernation feature i have a few things to say.... 1 i read that that feature is for oem's only..thats simply not true. i have enabled that feature on my in house pc. my in house system consists of a asus P5ab MOBO a amd k62-300 overclocked to 350 64 megs of ram 32meg Nvidia vanta agp video card and a 8 gig hard drive. i cant use me in my car pc its to slow......with the hibernate feature enabled if i hibernate my pc i can reboot in 15 seconds with 3 webpages open and networking enabled for my @home service and file and printer service enabled also for my local word of advice nice and fast as Me is ...u must have atleast a 150 processor and 32 megs of ram...minimum i tried installing it clean on my g/f's pc and i couldnt as she has a 120 with 24 megs of ram

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    I don't remember anyone saying that hibernation in WinME is OEM only. And also, if your system can handle the hardware requirements, then it's a great OS to use, at least in my opinion.



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      Its a feature meant for OEMs, since there is a strict hardware guidline for the hibernation tab to even show up in the power managment options. For example, I have a SCSI controller, which means that I can't use hibernation with WinME (even though the hibernation feature in Win2000 works perfectly). Its pretty f---in lame. Some the other requirements are that the sound card and modem have WDM drivers loaded, there are no legacy devices, and that the videoo card is ACPI compliant.