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MPXF/MPXplay wasn't "skipping" now it is??

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  • MPXF/MPXplay wasn't "skipping" now it is??

    I only got the chop though after I was adding the fx transfer utility. I accidentally erased the content of the MPX directory when I moved the keyboard . Well after reinstalling and resetting all the .CFG's and .INI's I found my playback really choppy. When I first added my display I had to cut the DelayFactor to 3 but now even at 6 it still won't stop the "skipping". I even moved the RefreshDelay to six with the same results. Same hardware config just a reload of the software. I did find one workaround, setting mpxplay.ini to buffer the full file at 16+ block. This seems to get rid of the "skipping" but causes the song to pause as it loads it before play, "buffering". It's not a solution, but a work around. What I can't figure is why is it when the config is nearly the same as original. The last install I did, I upgraded from the prior version, but that is the only difference that I know of. I turned off look for pause as well with no effect.

    Just for the record I am running on an I-opener 200 mhz Pentium class machine with 32 megs of ram.
    I am loading himem.sys, EMM386.exe, mpxftsr (high), smartdrv.exe (high), and Mpxf (high).

    Anyone have any other ideas to what the problem may be? I hae yet to move defrag onto the machine but I am moving it onto it tonight. HELP???!!!???

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    just curiuos, im sure you have your reasons, but why are you running dos w/ a machine that would easily run win95 or win98. They both have much more upgradabilty features such as IR remote, GPS, etc. It also seems to be a lot more stable. My opinion, upgrade to windows and move on. If you would reply to this though and tell me what a jack *** I am and tell me why DOS is better. Thanks

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      When designing a new system be it a business or even a car mp3 player, its important to choose right platform to run. And this can be done by looking at the advantages and disadvanteges of the OS.
      And being mobile system with, it has special requirements such as quick start, easy shutdown, quick, stable.
      And after examining most OSs it was found that DOS suits our needs.
      However it can be combined with a Win9x if things such as DVD, TV, GPS will used.
      So if the only thing you want in your car is the MP3 player/encoder/fm tuner then the DOS would be most suitable system. With boot up time of just few seconds, and player start up time even less... DOS is the best choice for the mp3car.



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        Fosgate pretty much summed it up
        My boot time is less than 12 seconds untill I can start selecting what I want to hear. MPXF will support LCD displays as well as IR control. I was just after a MP3 player in my car and when I used winamp with my laptop I ran into many problems: Improper shutdowns, boot delays, lockups, proper shudown delays, "roving mouse" (control loss), etc.
        With my dos player I can switch on the inverter and fire the whole thing up, 12 sec boot, if the system crashes it loops back and restarts, when I want to shutdown, I exit the software and hit the power switch off.. maybe 3 seconds to shudown. Add to that a search able database you can run with the 10 key to search for your fav song, artist, or album and you have a pretty powerful imbedded system.
        Oh and for the record I changed the values
        of the delayfactor and refresh delay to 4 and the problems seemd solved?? Really weird, I think my system was just having a bad hair day