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MPXPLAY.INI problems

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  • MPXPLAY.INI problems

    MPXPLAY 1.42 seems to revert to the default keyboard mappings even after I've edited my MPXPLAY.INI file. It seems to be the only hangup I'm having in my DOS based mp3 car player. I only want to enable a few of MPXPLAYs key commands such as the numbers 0-9 for song selction, random play, crossfade, forward, rewind and next song. Everything else I've tried disabling by deleting the key value, which didn't work, or replacing the unused keys with the 0xffff value, which also didn't work. Is there anyway I can remap these few keys and disable the rest?

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    I've tried swapping just a single key value with another and even that didn't work. Please, will someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


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      I had a similar problem with a few settings I changed. First, make sure that there are NO duplicates (except for 0x000). MPXplay will respond to the first function that key is set to, so it may look like no change has taken place if the dup is at the top of the list. That's the problem I was having. Pick a key you want and edit/search the file for it and see if it comes up more than once. Also, some of the definitions of "grey" and "white" in the keylist file take some experience getting used to if your keyboard (pad) is all one color. Hope that helps.


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        Well...I've tried setting every key variable besides escape to 0x0000. It didn't do anything and Mpxplay is still using all the default settings for keys. I'm sure there is a very simple reason for this. I'm just unsure of what. It doesn't seem like mpxplay is even reading the mpxplay.ini file. I've placed a copy of mpxplay and it's .ini file in both the root and it's own subdirectory. Neither work. I've also tried trashing the program and copying over a fresh version which also didn't work. Does anyone know if there is a command I can pass to Mpxplay to make sure it's reading the .ini file? The reason I'm so frustrated over this is my keyboard control for my car player has no number pad and thus no way to jump to the next song.