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  • windows shutdown

    Is there any way i can get a program executed when windows is shutting down? Something like in linux.
    It would be nice to have a message on my lcd when it is done shutting down. I use a AT style motherboard, so i dont have the autoshutdown feature.

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    Yes it's possible with a workaround but I don't think you will be satisfied with the resualt. And you will have to execute a batfile with some shutdown commands instead of using the START -> Shudown feature.

    // Markus


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      There is such a program, i know cuase my brother thought it was funny to link my desktop items to it, so it shut down whenever i clicked them. I dont remember the name of it though...


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        I'm not sure I follow what you are saying. Do you want a shutdown application that you can activate, or do you want an application to start when the computer begins to shutdown?

        I have a shutdown program that I might be able to modify for you...

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          I use win95 as the os, winamp as the shell.
          The input is done with a uir and a remote
          I dont have a keyboard or a screen attached, the only visual feedback is a 20x4 lcd.

          It displays something like this:
          During boot;
          * hang on.....
          * windoze booting

          During play;
          (Track#) (time left)
          (sample rate)(time)

          What i need is a visual feedback of the shutdown, like the standard "it is now safe to turn of your computer" instead of just turning it off when the display blanks.
          The MB is AT, so there is no autoshutdown.


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            So what do you do to initiate a shutdown?Does simply exiting WinAmp shutdown windows since it is the acting shell? If this is the case it seems like somebody could write a simple plugin for WinAmp so that when WinAmp exits it simply outputs a shutdown message...


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              Yes that's the only way, because you can't get Windows 9x to execute a command at shutdown.
              Win2k has that option in th registry.