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  • Linux programers, please read!

    I had an idea about some car mp3 software for Linux, but I cannot program worth anything, so I'm sending out a request for assistance. What I'm thinking of should be simple, I think. This is more of a thought utilizing the TFT LCD's, than anything else.

    How about modifying the XScreensaver (or the hacks) source to include a small box in the bottom of the screen to have XMMS (or other mp3 GUI) running, and having the hacks sound-responsive? I also plan on mailing JWZ to see if he might could make a hack like that (or hack the hacks he's made).

    Any thoughts?

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    CarMP3 system:
    200mhz, 20gb hotswapable drive, 128mb, Winamp w/full-screen vizes, (upgrading to WinAmp3 in near future), 5" LCD screen, controled by numberpad, Sproggy PS under construction, custom mounting case under construction.

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    HMMMmmmm.... This could be possable. Since xmms has a plugin system you could do a full screen visuization plugin. I currently don't know much about the plugin system but I don't see why someone couldn't do it.