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    I've just found something I wasn't planning on while hooking up my tvout to a (not passing through the vcr) tv for testing, the evil macrovision. I'm running a rage 128 with the newest 98 drivers. So far I've tried everything including, a rage tweaker that's supposed to disable macrovision, various players of various versions with various macrovision disabler patches (that's a lot of variouses). This is starting to make me think that it has something to do with the new drivers I installed. Has anyone run into this problem and have a good work around? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS to moderator. Please don't delete this thread. I do not plan on using a macrovision disabler for pirating reasons, but only so that I can watch dvds through my in-car lcd with tv-input.

    edit. I'm a idiot and just realized that the tv I was using for the test had a built in vcr, sorry about this post.

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    I know that Sigma Desgines has a DVD Decoder Board that dosn't activate Macrovistion, but you'll eather need to go vea pass through cable or switch video sorces. Hope that helps. The part is at