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    Hrm, I don't know how possible this is, but it would really rock. I know that you can get shell selectors for Win98, but I think it would be really nice to have one built for DOS. Basically my idea is that the thing would load litestep as a shell unless you put in a boot disk. If anyone knows how to do this or of a program that does please let me know. I just hate going into DOS edit and changing everything.

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    I think that there is this kind of thinks in Dr Dos but as I didn't used it for years...
    Just have a try...



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      Hey G1nch
      I use a program that didpartitions for me and now when I start my Pc, I get a message asking me I I want to boot
      DOS (Win 2000 Advanced Server)
      Linux (Slackware linux)

      I type in DOS for dos and you get the rest.

      Is this what you are looking for


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        No not exactly, that is changing the actual Operating System, I am looking for something that would keep the OS as win98, but change the Shell Extension as set in the system.ini file. On my mp3 machine I have it set to load up winamp as the shell, so that the system loads the fastest, and has the smallest footprint possible. However the problem is that to switch the shell back each time I have to use a bootdisk, go into DOS Edit and change the shell line in the system.ini file. I was hoping that there was a program out there somewhere that would automate this process.
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          Don't know how much this can help you, but I use a program called litespawn. It let's you specify as many shells as you want to choose from when windows boots up. Hope this is somewhat helpful.


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            Well mate if you know bit of programing you could write a script/code where when you chose the options say load Explorer or Winamp
            your program could modify the Line Shell =
            to what ever you choice.
            Or even easier replace whole .ini file
            with ones you that you already modified.
            say have few .ini files which have different
            Shell settings
            and then you raplce them acording your needs
            what you think of that ?
            this also can be done using a batch file...



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              Yes I already know about litespawn, I used it for a while, but am waiting for felonous to release his upcoming kick as litestep theme. I wanted more of a DOS based program, but I suppose it could work.

              Could the batch file be programed to run off of a bootdisk? Also do you know where I can learn more about setting up the batch file?

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                It wouldn't be any problems at all to run from a bootdisk.
                Just use the built in [Menuitem] in config.sys and have like 3 or more different entrys and then in autoexec.bat

                This is just a really short example.

                   menuitem=win98, Windows 98
                   menuitem=winamp, Winamp
                   menuitem=other, Something else
                   menudefault=win98, 30
                Standard drivers
                Win98 specifik stuff
                Winamp stuff
                Other ****
                @Echo off
                goto %config%
                copy c:\windows\system.w98 c:\windows\system.ini
                goto end
                copy c:\windows\system.amp c:\windows\system.ini
                goto end
                copy c:\windows\ c:\windows\system.ini
                Don't forget to add
                copy c:\windows\ c:\windows\system.ini to your autoexec,bat in the harddrive so you get the default one when you boot with no disk in the a: drive.

                Good luck and tell me if you need any additional help.

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                  Thanks! This should be help a TON! Once I get a working copy up I'll post it on the net for anyone else interested.

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                    Hey GR1NCH...

                    Did you finish trying to make that batch file for executing the different shells?


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                      No I haven't made it yet, haven't had any time lately. I'll look into making it after I have the system installed in my car.

                      Jake 'GR1NCH' Bollinger
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