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  • Hibernation

    I just installe Windows Millenium, and it supports hibernation, but I can't use it. According to HELP, the option will be available if my computer supports hibernation. Does anyone know what the hell this means? I have a rather new FIC Athlon Mobo w/ the latest bios.

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    Maybe it might be another piece of hardware that it keeping it from working besides your mobo. Maybe it's one of the cards you have in your comp. Wish I could help ya more.


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      Microsoft probably disabled the option for certain systems. Most likely it is your video card chipset not having support.



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        Yes, you guys are right ...
        All devices (hardware) has to support Advanced Power Management to get the Hibernation feature to work.

        Also some components in Windows 2000 disables this neat function. Like the Terminal Services Server, if that is installed Hibernation is disabled.


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          I have an FIC Sd11 with an Athlon 600.
          In the manual it says when you run windows setup to run it with a special switch
          "setup /pj"(DOS Prompt). This enables advanced power management in win 98/98 SE. It might work with Millenium. I haven't found this information in Microsoft's Docs.if you type "setup /?" it doesn't even show up, but it works (for 98). I think the switch is mainly for OEM's. Hope this helps.


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            I just did a lot of research on this. Actually, in order for hibernation to work, you need to diasble Advanced Power Managment in you bios. Check your mobo's website, and see if it supports ACPI. If your bios supports ACPI, you need to turn that on (some boards dont have the option to turn it on and off, but may still have ACPI - just make sure APM is disabled). Now you need to make sure ACPI is running in the OS. If your running Windows 2K, it should be available automatically. If your running 98 Second Edition or Millenium, you need to do this: run regedit, go to LOCAL_MACHINE, Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version, Detect. In Detect, add a string value called 'ACPIOption' (w/o the '). Modify it and give it a value of '01' (again, no '). If the string is already there, than don't worry about it. Once the string is there, go to the control panel, add new hardware, and do an auto detect for non-plugnplay hardware. When it finishes, click on 'details' and you will see the new ACPI power management is installed. Reboot, and make sure you have the Windows CD and all your hardware drivers ready, because it will reinstall everything. After its all done, you should see a tab for the hibernation feature in the Power Settings. If not, try it on a FAT16 partition (as opposed to FAT32) - if you can do it without srewing up everything. If that doesn't work, the mobo and/or video card probobly doesn't support the ACPI hibernation feature. One of the systems I tested it on had an old Matrox Millenium video card on it. The hibernation feature came up in the power settings, but when I tried to use it, it didn't work and forced the video card into its own safe mode (16 colors/640x480).
            Just to warn you, I've gotten the hibernation feature of 98 and ME to show up on 2/3 of my machines, but I couldn't get it to work right on any of them. However, I got it to work with Windows 2K on all three.


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              Wow, thanks for all that research, you did a great job. I guess I just might be sticking with win2k for my setup then. I've also been talking with sproggy (, who is designing a hardware shutoff device, about adding an option for hibernation on shutdown. I can't wait to see what he comes up with in time. Thanks again for the research Lifter, great job.



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                BTW, have you looked at the NOHIBER.TXT file? Theoretically it'll show you what's blocking hibernate (in WindowsME).

                // markus


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                  Just as an FYI, nohiber.txt is generated during boot if the Hibernation option is not available.
                  If Hibernation is available, no nohiber.txt will not be created.
                  Susfail.txt would be good to look at then, but if that doesn't point to the problem, try running PMRES.exe (from Start-->Run).
                  PMRES.exe may not be useful in this situation either, as it primarily involves Resuming, and this sounds like we are failing while going into Hibernate, but I have seen this instance where PMRES did have the culprit whereas Susfail.txt did not.
                  One other possibility is that the system is doing S4 BIOS (I don't know if this particular Mobo has an S4 BIOS option or not), in which case, there is an .exe that will force the system to use S4OS (I believe it will be on the final released CD's).


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                    my nohiber.txt says "IOS: Disabling Hibernate due to disk incompatibility" what can i do to remed this?
                    "if everything is under control, you're not going fast enough!"


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                      Ohhh ... a really old thread I barely remember that I wrote that stuff.
                      Anyway, I will look into your problem tomorrow (Friday) at work and see if I can find out what is really causing this and some workaround.



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                        by me writes bad IRQ holder,
                        what can i do about that


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                          Regarding the error message in the nohiber.txt file, it is normal if you have a Scsi card.
                          The reason is the SCSI controller does not support the hibernation mode in Windows Me, it is by design.
                          Windows Me supports hibernation mode if the following requirements are met:

                          - ACPI or APM 1.2 BIOS
                          - Audio supported with WDM audio drivers
                          - WDM modem drivers; power management-capable network device driver
                          - No SCSI controller
                          - No legacy video-capture devices connected to the system
                          - WebTV for Windows is not installed
                          - Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) server is not enabled
                          - Video Driver with Hibernation support

                          Regarding the "bad irq holder", try this, it might help:
                          Follow the steps bgelow to disable PCI IRQ steering. PCI IRQ steering is a hardware/software capability that allows more than one PCI
                          adapter to use the same IRQ and should also help in assigning the PCI adapters to IRQs to work well.
                          Sometimes it doesn't work well, so we want to try disabling it to see what difference, if any, this makes.
                          A quick caution: disabling PCI IRQ steering could result in some PCI devices not working. Re-enabling it would bring the device back.
                          1) Right click on My Computer and select Properties from the menu that appears.
                          2) Click on the Device Manager folder tab.
                          3) Click on the plus next to System Devices to expand the menu below it.
                          4) Double-click on the PCI bus entry under System Devices.
                          5) In the PCI Bus Properties screen click on the IRQ Steering folder tab.
                          6) Click on the checkbox next to "Use IRQ Steering" so the checkbox is empty.
                          7) Click OK on all windows to close them and reboot.
                          8) Try hibernation now.
                          I also recomend you check with your computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer and update your BIOS if there is an update available.
                          The steps above will make very little difference unless there is an updated, Hibernation compatible BIOS.

                          Good Luck guys ...
                          // Markus

                          [This message has been edited by markus (edited 01-12-2001).]


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                            don't forget that I have already made a soft power down/hibernate circuit for use in the car. After you turn the key off, 20 mins later your machine shuts down or hibernates softly and easily.

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                            go to bjblaster carputer/power supply/then shutdown circuit.
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                              I'm not that you're correct about hibernation not working if you have a scsi controller. I have a Tyan Thunderbirdx mobo with builtin ultra wide2 scsi and have no problems running hibernation under win2k. Just giving ya the heads up.