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    I am developing new software for Car MP3 players. I plan to make a Windows 95/98/NT Version. After that I will attempt to make a Windows CE version.

    My software should do the following:

    Support most LCD's.
    ....Text & graphics that you can actually read on that composite display.
    Touch Screen
    ....Support touch screen interface.
    Play MP3's
    ....Play MP3 Files off of a HD or a CDROM.
    Play CDA
    ....Play standard CD's.
    Play DVD's
    ....Interface Sigma Designs Real Magic Hollywood Plus
    Play List
    ....Allow user to create playslist of favorite songs.
    Interface GPS software
    ....Currently DeLorme's Street Atlas.
    Interface Car's Computer.
    ....OBDII Interface.
    Data Log
    ....Log: fuleups, mileage, repairs etc. complete with database.
    Read e-mail
    ....Support wireless net works.
    File Transfer
    ....Network your car and your house.
    Easy Install
    ....Step by step easy installation.

    In the first Bata release should include the LCD, Touchscreen, MP3 Player, Database & Easy Install.

    It would be nice to get feed back from car MP3 users.
    Please let me know what features you would use as well as those that you wouldn't use. Also fill free to submit any thoughts as well as new ideas that you might have. I am planing to make it timeware (30 day free usage before you'll be required to pay.) Although I'm not sure how much to charge. So any suggestions would be nice.

    Submit on this post or e-mail me at [email protected]

    I will have a web page up soon. Complete with screen shots.
    I will post my web page address in this topic.

    Thank You

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    that sound great
    I would have wrote a program for mp3car's a long time ago but I dont know how to program anything. If you finish it, we can probably work on an actual OS that runs off the windows shell.
    That would be perfect.

    Let it have a E/q and a line Balancer


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      ZyKlon X,
      Thanks for your thoughts. An E/Q and line balancer sound good. I'll see what I can do.

      It should also cross fade between songs.

      If anyone has a suggestion pleas let me know. It is easyest to add options in the begining rather that patch them in later on.

      Thanks XPLORE
      [email protected]

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        Hey there XPLORE.

        As i understood its gona be Windows based right?
        OK so you planing to write FULL code for all those players yourself or just make a frontend program which is going to call chosen player. What programing language you going to implement this in?



        System Comp V3 - In progress.
        Low power MB with C7 CPU, DC-DC PSU, car ECU link, USB TV, GPS, 7" TFT, Wireless, Voice.


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          It will be windows based.

          I plan to use Visual Basic & Multimedia Builder (multimedia authoring program). The DVD and Maping software is the programs made by there venders. My program will open these programs as plugins. The MP3, Data base, etc. will be full code.


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            This is my WEB site it should be up 03/26/00.

            [email protected]