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forget the tweak programs---

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  • forget the tweak programs---

    for those of you using tweak programs to change startup and stuff, forget it! Why dont u just use the windows config!? I know almost no one knows about it, so ill tell u peoples-
    go to RUN
    (start, run or windows key+r).. and type in "msconfig" and hit enter (without the ")
    then in there is a million ways to edit your startup, change all kindsa options (like disable scandisk, change video to only 640x480x16 (best for fastest speed!), as well as some other things).... using tweak programs messes up ur registry, using microsofts own program dont.
    Arent you glad i told u so?
    Just thought id tell u people cause you all seem to like to use that tweak program, when there is already a integrated microsoft thing that does the same, even better. it lets you disable certain lines in your system.ini and win.ini from starting, lets you disable all that un-necessary junk from startup (theres more than you think that starts up that you dont need... not just the stuff in your startup folder.. my startup folder only had winamp in it, then when i went into this program there was power management, mixer, system tray, rnapp, all kindsa useless junk!


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    Tim, yes if you are running win98, msconfig is the first thing to try. However, a good number of people here are running win95, including myself.

    Still, I've not found a reason to tweak anything. I was careful about what I installed in the first place, and putting a link to a playlist in the startup folder makes winamp start automatically.


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      I really don't want to get into this much but lets just some correct some of you're misconceptions before someone less informed takes hold of them

      Windows 95 doesn't have msconfig.

      Tweak UI is a Microsoft product and I've been using it since it was first release without a problem.

      There's lots of ways to configure a system that arenít even listed in either program. MS edit, Notepade, Regedit and some good documentation are by far the most effect tools you have (back up if you try this). It's just it's quicker and easier to use UI for some things.

      Changing the video to 640x480x16 for "fastest speed" is not 100% correct. First off winamp uses at least a 236-color palette and it's not the system one either. This means the computer has to "think" it's way down to 16 colors. Not only that but a lot of graphics cards now-a-days have hardware accelerators that target higher depth modes so it very possible that you'll get a faster system at a deeper depth. Just one more note, all you need to change you're systems color depth is left click on you're desktop and select properties, that's a lot easier then messing with either programs.

      Have Fun,