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MPXF - ok I'm ALMOST happy

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  • MPXF - ok I'm ALMOST happy

    I got everything working decent now. Thanks to whoever suggested startupenabled=7 that works great for resume. I have a few problems left.

    PAUSE - how can I pause playback?

    RANDOM - how can i pick a random song out of the current playlist, while in MPXPLAY? or is this possible?

    BITRATE DISPLAY - how can I display just the bitrate? whats the code?

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    I think you get the "total package" on the quality info.. All it had listed was song data bar in the config file so I dont think you can have only bitrate... might be wrong though. As for the pause and random you can bind keys to those options in the MPXplay.ini file. The problem with that is you have to enter the key value in hex. If you decide you want to do this and cannot get the hex code I can tell you. I have an old assembly book that lists the hex keyboard codes. Just let me know what keys you need. Hope this helps. Good Luck!


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