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    I am looking for WinAmp or MusicMatch Skins that are customized for a touch screen environment, (BIG buttons & scroll-bars), and for a utility that will emulate a keyboard... i.e. show a qwerty kb on the screen that will let you tap out a string of text and insert it into any windows app. I did a search for "touch" & "touchscreen" in the Winamp skins library, but only came up with a few lame skins... And I looked for the kb wanger on, but the apps there are way too expensive & mostly designed for cash registers & things...

    Do y'all have any thoughts?


    send mail to:
    kate at bootstrap dot net

    2000 Jeep Cherokee
    Asus CUW(E) + Celeron 366 + 64mb + 13GB
    300w Inverter

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    Not sure about the skins but it wouldn't be too hard to create a VB app that has buttons laid out like a keyboard and it build the string of chars. and then either put into the copy buffer or maybe send it to winamp??? Not sure about the winamp part but I know there is sample VB code on to access winamp. I'm currently on a business trip in Atlanta but if you want I can play around with it when I get back home next week. (I don't have VB here on my laptop)


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      My-T-Touch works pretty good, but shareware and very old.

      I just use the demo right now, then restart it when it shuts down automatically.

      I know what you are saying as the scroll bars go...the playlist ones are way too small for a touch screen.


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        This is actually built into Windows 2000 for mobile users, I don't think its available on earlier versions, maybe its also available on Windows ME, you'll just have to wait for it to come out or download it