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    I am looking for a good filename editor for use under Win98. However since I am using DOS for my players, I am hoping to find an editor that will allow me to use the song name and artist from the ID3V2 tag and insert an ascending number in front to arrive at an MP3 filename. Hopefully such an editor could also be set up to change to ID3V1 tags to match the ID3V2 which were the sole tags I changed to dump "various artists" and other unwanted bits of information and replace with Artist. If such an editor exists, I would love to buy it as I have no real desire to redo 2500+ ID3V1 tags.

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    Try this:

    This is very good program allows you to do many things with your filenames and tags.
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      MP3 Tag Studio. Is Adware and works like a charm, it lets you do tag editing, renaming based on tags, the other way around...

      I don't recall the web site, but you can find it in, just search for mp3 tag studio.


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        Here is the MP3 Tag Studio Link: