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Mpxplay doesnt work with Sis530 sound system onboard

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  • Mpxplay doesnt work with Sis530 sound system onboard

    I bought a Sis 530 motherboard with a soundcard, video, networkcard and modem onboard,
    but MPXPLAY doesnt support the 24bit onboard sound system,(maybe because its not compatible with any of the soundcards supported by MPXPLAY)
    if anyone could help,
    i will apreciate a lot

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    I'm not positive, but if you have drivers for that sound card such to emulate a SB16 (which most sound cards should have software to emulate these days), then you should be able to use the SB16 setting in MPXPlay.

    Did you try any of the setting for MPXPlay, other than the (default) autodetect?

    I bought a motherboard with only a sound card built in, a Crystal chipset, works perfectly with MPXPlay. Do you know what chipset you have for your soundcard?

    Don't give up! DOS w/ MPXPlay and MPXF (front end) are by far the best for doing just the simple task of playing mp3s ... fastest boot, unbelievably stable, won't moan and complain when you shut it down ... ahh the list can go on.


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      at a guess its a pcchips m/b with sis vid card cmi sound chip

      if im correct gimme a email and i will send you drivers

      cheers pcman

      btw i really hate these m/b but they take up less space so there cool

      email might help
      [email protected]
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