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Software Based Equalizers???

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  • Software Based Equalizers???

    Are there any software based EQs out there?
    I am running Windows 95. I would like a software based EQ that works like the Volume Control. I would like to set the EQ settings so that any audio device can take advantage of it. It would be sorta like the Master Volume control. If you change the volume all devices are affected.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Is really that possible? I tought that the "Master Volume" and the rest of the sliders in the volume control of windows were realted directly with the hardware capabilities of the sound card, so if there could be an equalizer for the card it'd to be because the card had one integrated (as the trebble and bass controls in the SoundBlaster family...


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      They are medina, the mixer sliders are directly related to the sound card, like you said, bass and treble with the sb family. The only way you could eq the sound by software, is when you convert from d->a in the mp3 player, or by the soundcard drivers i guess