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Problems loading MPXF via Autoexec.bat

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  • Problems loading MPXF via Autoexec.bat

    Hey guys...
    I'd like to have MPXFTSR and MPXF start when the computer starts. It seems like this would be a relatively easy operation I think that there's just some simple DOS stuff that I'm not understanding.

    Anyway, when I put c:\test\mpxftsr.exe in my autoexec.bat, the program tries to run, but then it gives me a 'cannot find mpxftsr.cfg' file error. The file is there, and the program works just fine when I start it up manually. The same thing goes for Mpxf, only it has an 'error loading mpxf.cfg' message. What syntax did you guys use to auto-load this stuff?

    Also, I'll try and kill two birds with one stone here ... Just once I've gotten a runtime error crash with mpxf. It was during a 'help-tip scrolling display' (dunno what the official term is) I've got the line 'stacks=20,512' in my config.sys. It hasn't repeated itself, but just in case... Should I try 18,256 instead? Or should I try and adjust some type of LCD output parameter?

    Thanks again!
    -Brian Schreck

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    I think u need to add to the path
    ;c:\test also
    it is telling u that it can't find the configuration file. And make sure the path is before the load command.

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      I had the same problem with my system. I had to change to the mpxf directory before running the mpxf programs. So, in your case, I would add "cd c:\test" (minus the quotes, of course) before you actually call the mpxftsr. I had my mpxf directory in the path, but it just wouldn't work.


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        Thanks SupaDave, worked like a charm.