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  • Voice Control for Winamp

    This wonderful little plugin isn't totally finished but is good enough to do what you need, select a specific song and some other basic commands. Takes about 5-10 mins to train and is about 95% accurate with one training session.

    Works great with Win2000 and WinME. There is an issue that it may have some trouble being recognized in a Win98 system.

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    Works great for me win/98. Awesome good program very impressive. Thank you I'll give it a go in the car.


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      It would be nice if it had playlist support, though...



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        E-mail the author about playlists, I belive when SAPI 5.0 comes out he is going to do a complete overhaul.

        I was wondering if anyone has tried this program in a car yet. I have great success with the plugin in my house but on the road the computer is having trouble I belive due to road noise. Any suggestions on getting around road noise? I'm going to try re-training the plugin with lots of background noise to simulate road noise. We'll see how successful that is.


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          Just like i have being saying from day one, the application will have problem trying to distinguish between YOUR voice and the surounding sounds. Inside the house, yes it *might* work well, but outside, i doubt it.

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            I have seen cars with voice recognition factory , it is pricey of course, but it works. For example , ive seen a mercedes convertible that has voice recognition. Its so sensitive, you can use it while driving 35mhp whit the top DOWN. Its actually incredibly acurate, although incredibly pricey. It just depends if you want to run a mic to where your sun visor is , in my opinion. Thats what should make all the diffrence


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              I had an idea for placing the mic on the steering wheel and having a button that's pressed for turning the mic on. Then possibly you could turn down the mic volume so it only picks up things that are spoken very close to it. This way you can press the button, lean into the steering wheel and say the command. Have no idea if this would work, but it sounded like a decent idea.


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                In response to cenwesi "...Inside the house, yes it *might* work well...". I works very well- in the house I've tested it with a 16" fan blowing, the TV on, while playing MP3s, and standing 20' away- it has picked up my voice and worked perfectly. Road noise is an issue but one that can be overcome.

                blkdragon6 - I am defintely going to use an on/off switch for the mic.

                I'm currently using a Labtec monitor mic in the car, I believe my boom mic (that I use in the home) may be of higher quality so I will be testing that in the future. Also there is a possiblity if the training is done on the road, with the road noise from the start the speech recognition would be born, so to speak, with the ability to recognize commands in the midst of road noise. My car has excessive road noise being a small japanese hatchback. I'm sure a larger car with even the littlest design thought into reducing road noise would work wonderfully.


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                  Only takes Winamp an extra 10 seconds to load with this puppy on its back.