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mpxplay random crashing

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  • mpxplay random crashing

    Hi, I am using mpxf with mpxplay. I randomly (and not TOO often) get mpxplay to crash. It gives me a runtime error and then freezes the machine up completely. The crash always occurs within the first 2 seconds of a song (when it does occur). Most of the time its fine tho. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this before or knows what to do. My soundcard is a soundblaster awe64. One thing to note, is that when i had the line mixerset/p in my autoexec.bat it crashed EVERY time, when i changed it to mixerset /MA:250;0 it works fine except for the random freezes i am asking about.


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    Are you running MPXPlay from within Windows or straight from DOS?
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      Its from dos, well the dos that boots up if you have win9x and use bootgui=0. Not really sure what os that is.


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        Check out the stacks command in config.sys, I don't have the documents for mpxpf but there is some parameter that you must put there...