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WinAmp: Has anyone noticed?

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  • WinAmp: Has anyone noticed?

    Have any of you ever noticed that WinAmp cant spell? For some reason when I do sort list by title, about a dozen or so files end up out of place(I have 625 files). Has anyone else noticed this, or is it that I have a buch of messed up files?

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    This drives me nuts too. I have to use a nother program to sort the playlist to make sure it is done right.

    I have emailed nullsoft about this too but never got a response (not that I expected one).. Its really irritating.

    However, if you highlight the song out of place, and then sort by name again that song will go to the right place.. jsut that one, you have to do it for all of them (hence why I use MP3PlaylistMaker to do it instead)...
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      check ya id3 tags ive had it happen when there not right or there is a weird character before the artists name

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        I have noticed that this is due to the list not having been completely scanned before the sort. If you have 300-350 in a playlist like I do, If I scroll through the entire list first(you'll here the hard drive going as you are going through the list), then do the sort. It usually works perfect for me everytime, otherwise, it seems like it only sorts what you can see in the list right then. Hope this maybe helps you.

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