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Monitor CPU temp, Fan RPM's and Volts via LCD

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  • Monitor CPU temp, Fan RPM's and Volts via LCD

    I wrote a small DOS app that tells the CPU temperature, Fan RPM speeds, and Volts being produced from the Power Supply, onto a 4x20 LCD.
    I am reading this information from the Winbond Chip on my motherboard. This program will work on any motherboard that has the Winbond chip on the ISA Bus. It is in the beta stage at this point, but I am curious to see what interest Mp3car users will have in it. Please email me if you have any questions or comments about it. My email address is [email protected]
    My current plans and progress on my install Here

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    sounds like a cool idea

    however the only real one most ppl want imho is cpu temp and it would be cool if ya could just put that on the same lcd as ya mp3 track info
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      Hey great idea. But like pcman said to get that on the lcd. Ok lcd script writers you keep saying give me more to do well here you are. Go for it.

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        I have contacted the Lorty the author of Lorty's Plugin for winamp. It should be very easy to put the code that I wrote into his plugin. Any one would be able to specify what values they wanted on the LCD and where they wanted the values to be. So you could monitor the system temperature while watching your other song info. on the LCD.
        My current plans and progress on my install Here


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          Hey mp3bobo. I emailed you about the code. Anyway i can get the code from you. I need to add this to CobraII.

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