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Shutdown Windows through Winamp?

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  • Shutdown Windows through Winamp?

    Does anyone know of a keypad-plugin that allows you to shutdown Windows 'normally', ie before switching off the engine.

    It would just make me feel better knowing that the harddrive is safe and sound after being shut down.


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    Consider a hardware solution -


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      macro magic

      have it run rthe rundll shutdown command

      not a winamp pluging but it will work

      dunno where to get it it was posted in a message earliere this week

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        Hey Hedley, try this plugin from this site:

        Its called the Blackwind's Keypad Controller - 154kb..
        This keypad plugin shuts down the computer safely by pressing *** on the key pad, yes thats this '*' key 3 times.
        It works like a charm.

        Hope this is what u want!


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          I'm Curious what you mean when you say you want to make sure the hard drive is safe when you shut down. Are you concerned that not doing a formal Windows shutdown will damage your harddrive? If that's the case, I think you're worried about nothing. I don't think Win shutdown has anything to do with the integrity of the HD.

          I have been shutting down my system for months now just by switching off power. HD is still working just fine.


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            I agree with Kevin. No problems, 1 month.


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              Weather you believe or not shutting down windows without using the shutdown button can cause HD damage. It's true that most of time nothing will happen but I've seen it happen, everything from severely damaging your registery, boot sectors & fat tables to the very rare physical damage. Larger HDs (over 10gigs) tend to be more prone to this but still I think it's worth putting a bit of extra effort into doing correctly no matter the size. That's basically why I have it in my plugin =)...

              Have fun,

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