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need a front end that runs at 640x480 ...

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  • need a front end that runs at 640x480 ...

    I tried frodoplayer for the first time today ... and when it loads, it's only half way on the screen..

    I have to resize my task bar at the bottom of the screen, and then frodo player jumps up to the top where it should be.

    I need a front end that will properly work at 640x480..

    thanks for suggestions ... I'd hate to download and test out every front end individually...

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    You need to go into the ini file and change the size of frodoplayer to 640x480 and set the upper left corner to 0. Like this:

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      ah cool, thanks. I changed the ADV_WIDTH to 640, but didn't see the ADV_TOP / LEFT... that seems to have fixed it...

      now I have to figure out how to get DVD's to play...


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        Front End

        Just browsing through some of the posts and found this one. May I recommend Mobile Impact. I designed it to specifically run at 640x480 with no special instructions and it has a DVD player that is extremely easy to use.
        Click on the website link below for more info, or go to this thread:
        Mobile Impact
        Highly innovative car computer multimedia/entertainment system software.


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          Basically all front ends can run at any resolution. It is a matter of editing the ini file.
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            Turning off advanced screen settings in the INI of Frodoplayer allows it to run at whatever resolution you want.

            I think that's where it was.
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