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crack mpxf?

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  • crack mpxf?

    does anyone got the crack for mpxf???

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    You have got to be kidding right?


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      What a loser. hahah...


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        yep, loser, just go to the corner drug dealer
        he'll set u up


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          Dude, if you're that deparate to get a free mpxplay shell, why don't you make your own mpxplay shell in QBasic? Its totally simple... you really just need to know how to output data via the parallel port correctly and you're practically set for life. no need to spend a treasureload of 20$ for mpxf
          Free entrance to heaven? WOW! I DUN BELIEVE! JC!


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            Or just stick with the free version, or bare with the nag screens in the shareware, or get a job...


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              the writer of mpxf is a frequent user of this board and also very helpful in the #mp3car channel.
              Don't ask for cracks to his program, he worked hard on it and if you really like it, shell out the $20


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                go and get yourself winamp, it is free and will do everything you need


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                  I know this is an old post..

                  But I am Founder of Radioactive Software... the company that made MPXF.

                  You are a COMPLETE loser if you want to crack it. its cheap enough already.

                  Secondly, now it's free.. so go all at it.



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                    Can I ask as to why you have decided to make it free?


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                      MPXF has gone free because:

                      1) We don't have time to update it any more.
                      2) This is probably as good as it will ever get.
                      3) To better help the MP3Car community

                      Now... If you DO register or HAVE registered it, you can obtain Source, so you can modify it to fit your needs, change logos, and other stuff.

                      Howeber, you can not make a profit with the source.

                      And I'm sorry about bringing an older topic up from the dead, but it was priced cheap enough, and We are a small company (in fact we are just a group of people that make software) we have other jobs. I wouldn't think anyone would be cheap enough to not pay the 15 bucks.



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                        It's too bad that the new version of MPXPlay (1.43b) has made MPXF almost entirely useless. MPXPlay has denied MPXF control of the LCD display output and inhibits MPXF's abilities with database searches. I realize it's a beta and these issues may be cleared up but why mess with a good thing. MPXPlay 1.43b seems to address the skipping and stuttering that many of us have complained about but it seems that we've lost as much as we've gained. I have virtually no programming skills and rely on the abilities of others to get my fix of cool stuff. It's a shame that MPXF wasn't given more consideration when the next revision of MPXPlay was written.
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                          Sorry, Dood - This ain't no l337 h4x0r w4r3z board you've stumbled upon cr4x posted.

                          ...having said that, feel free to return with either another question or a contribution

                          Welcome to the board...Newbie!


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                            come on guys, this post is semi ancient. No need to wail on the guy four months after the fact.