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  • Diff. soundcard..?

    Will there be a diff. in SQ depending on the yoursound card..? I'm thinking of adding the sound blaster 64 Gold, but would like to keep
    the MP3 box as small as possible,So is there some kind of cable or extension I can use to mount the soundcard horizontally instead of the normal vertical possition??

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    to answer your question: you could use a riser card to mount it horizontaly. What do you all think: I got an extra SB Live hanging around, is it a waste to put in the mp3 box?
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      I think you can get away with a lesser quality sound card in a car MP3 player. After all, you're not exactly insulated from the outside world, windows, sunroof, etc. So, you probably couldn't hear the difference between a good SC and a not-so-good one.


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        i agree with Craig Chatterton comments.

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          I dont think so...use the best sound card you got, if you have a sb live hanging around, use it!. In my opinion, i need the best possible sound that i can get from my system...i actually have a sb16 wired to an active crossover and a pair of power amps...2*12" subs, 4*6.5" sats and 2*tweeters, and still i dont get the quality i want...when i get the cash...maybe...


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            Roland, Onkyo, Yamaha, and several others make a purely digital external USB soundcard. This would free up a slot, and eliminate any noise caused from inside the computer.


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              Does anyone know of a good source for riser / right angle cards (preferably a chain store)?
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