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best software for a compleate carputer

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  • best software for a compleate carputer

    hey, well i finaly got all the kinks worked out of my soon to be carputer and was wondering what the best software to run would be...i'm running an amd k6-2 500mhz w/ 64meg of ram (i knew that that old e-machine could turn into something decent lol) right now it's got a Sound blaster live card (plans on staying there) an eithernet card, and a modem, it has adiquite (4meg) of onboard vid (hopes to one day upgrade from that to something an ati all-in-wonder) but my real question is would it be better to run a bar version of win98, ME or 2000? i have acces to all these and bootup time right now isn't a big deal i just want something solid that will be compatable w/ all the things i have plans for

    plans for carputer are:
    96 or 128megs of ram
    4X40 lcd display
    GPS useing microsoft streets and tips 2001
    pioneer AVX-7000 for computer display (after ati all in wonder card)
    keypad for mp3 and cursor control as seen here ( )
    RF keyboard

    well for now thats all my dreams can think of...other than all my cd's burned to the HD

    like i said this isn't in my car yet...i'm working on some stuff w/ the computer still and have to get a few things to even be able to use it in the computer..thanks


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    Why the 4X40 lcd display and not a tft lcd? If you're going to be running gps and with all that power, might as well.



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      i can see what he's doing he want's a simple 4x40 just to see what's playing at all times then he's gonna use the pioneer AVX-7000 for computer display in order to see the gps software i was thinking along the same lines as well just so that i can see what's playing at a glance and not have to mess with the display such as maximize winamp or have winamp running in the background while the gps software is running in fullscreen mode

      besides most of my friends are to stupid to figure out that it's the same as a home pc only in a car so they would never figure out how to tell the name of the song otherwise but i think this could be good cause then nobody can mess with my song!


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        I have to agree with blkdragon6 here. With all that power and setup, he might as well skip 40x4 and go straight to TFT. Why do double work when u can just do it right the first time.

        Well as far as software goes, i will recomend you use CobraI and when u are ready for a REAL setup, that is when u get ur TFT, then go to CobraII. Soon when i finish CobraIII then u can have both LCD and TFT running at the same time.

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          Oh I don't know...I prefer having my 40x4 LCD for music... it is handy in my case.

          Only when I am travelling do I use the GPS on the big screen.

          But I suppose if I was going to run those distracting visualizations while I was driving, I would want the monitor running all the time.


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            Anyway, his original question was on software. Since bootup time isn't your priority I would go with a version of win98SE stripped down and running the win95 shell (see 98lite). Hey, now that I think about it, a friend of mine said that he can get win98 to run the 3.1 shell, he says it looks really funny nowadays. I know 3.1 is really stable, that'd be a trip to see an mp3car running win 3.1 shell!

            anywho, im done now.



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              Oh yea, read the question.

              I am going to try winME when I get to that stage, especially if the hibernation thing works as advertised.

              Quick bootup and shutdown are my important factors...if I don't have any extra garbage running in the background it should be stable enough.
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                I get a bootup of about 30-40 sec on my system similar to yours with WinMe tweaked around a bit. I tried win98 and winMe is DEFINITELLY better as far as bootup and shutdown time. As far as software I use n stuff i prefer to use a IR program like IRAssistant or PCremotecontrol... among many.

                Irassistant works great for me, i set it up so i can play / switch songs in winamp while looking at gps screen and doign stuff like zooming in and out and start or stopping the GPS receiver. One of these days I will write a webpage and explain it better. But it's pretty simple just go to and look in the software page for the links.

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                  distracting visualizations? Well, I haven't crashed yet . I'm starting to wonder if the vis is only useful when my passenger is stonned.



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                    Distracting visualationas and 4x40 was last time i checked not possible, thats why i scraped my 4x40 project. But please tell me that im wrong, it always would be nice.
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                      The WinAmp preferences give the choice of Disabling builtin visualization when visualization plugin active.

                      I can only assume that you can run more than one visualization plugin at a time.

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