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    Is there any way to prevent windows from displaying the boot mode window when starting...i.e. when it wants to run in safe mode? i don't have a keyboard hooked up so it's a pain to let windows start up in safe mode and then restart it.

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    Not totally sure, but you might want to check TweakUI 98's boot options. Grab is from and check. Either way, TweakUI is a must for a carputer.


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      Yes, use the combination of using TweakUI Boot options (check the box to always show boot menu and change the boot menu time to "1". You can also speed the boot times of the system after "bad shutdowns" by typing "msconfig" in the RUN box and clicking on the "advanced" button. Then select "disable scandisk after bad shutdown". This should speed up boot times significantly.
      A carputer?!? What in the hell is that?


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        The other day when I started up the car it asked me for the Windows 98 CD, claiming I had installed new hardware. When I cancelled it, Windows would not start. Is this a case of vibration damaging data on the hard drive or something else?


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          Copy the Win98 Directory on the CD with all of the cab files to your hard drive. Put it in c:\win98cd or something. End of CD problems

          (It's about 100 MB)



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            current projects


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              I had the same thing hapen to me, every once and a while when I booted, the computer redetected a bunch of hardware. this hapened for no reason, and scans of the HD revealed no bad sectors. I found it was being caused by noise / fake sign wave from my inverter.

              I scraped the inver idea, and bought an ATX DC-DC power suply.

              I have never had the problem since.

              * I was able to recover from the problem by booting to dos, and running "scanreg /restore"
              Note this is a win98 command.
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