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  • MPXF Source Code

    You can get the source code for MPXF (Turbo Pascal) at

    Thanks to everyone that supported the project when I was developing it. I'm sorry that I don't have the time to continue with it. Perhaps some of you can add your own features onto it.


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    you rock dude...


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      Hey, anyone with programming skills want to give a stranger a Christmas present?!

      Here's my wishlist...
      Edit the mpxf code so that there's another .cfg file, one that lets you use some commands to create your own startup sequence (to replace or customize the MPXF MP3 PLAYER startup sequence)

      That would be great... I'd really like to be able to add a personalized touch to that.

      And thanks Coldblood for making MPXF! It's working great in my mp3car... Takes a while to set up of course, but the end result is worth it!



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        Hey guys is anybody thinking of working on the MPXF so it will work under MPXPLAY 1.43 ( the new version)?
        I unfortunatly i dont have much of free time to play around with pascal ( im already writing my own player in C for DOS)
        It would be great if someone would like to take that chalange. Pascal it self is not a hard language so people who are thinking to start programming this might be a good start.
        And Coldblood thanx for makeing the source code available to general public. So now the future of MPXF is in our hands. Lets keep it alive.



        System Comp V3 - In progress.
        Low power MB with C7 CPU, DC-DC PSU, car ECU link, USB TV, GPS, 7" TFT, Wireless, Voice.


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          word to that!