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Keypad Plugin thats not slow

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  • Keypad Plugin thats not slow

    I am working on installing the player in my but I have ran into a small snag that I don't like. I am using Winamp 2.66 with the Car mp3 Keypad Plugin from This plugin is somewhat slow when I try to jump to any song in the play list quite slow when I try to jump to high tracks like 100+. I am running a cyrix 266 which runs at 233mhz and I have 32mb ram and I don't imagine that it would be the problem. If anyone has any input please help me out.

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    lol...I hate to say it but it is your CHIP (cpu). Cyrix cpu's are CRAP, thats right CRAP. I won't be surprise if ur OS crashes too.

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      Well all I got to say when it is free don't complain.


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        I'm not so certain it's really the CPU, but it's DEFINITELY an unknown factor. With MP3 car setups being horribly complicated to start with, it's really nasty to debug things whenever you've got any piece of nonstandard equipment.

        It would be a really good idea to replace that cpu with a used AMD or something. The old K6-2's are going for jack now, and I KNOW those work well. I'm running a 300 in mine now, and it's totally smooth.

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          It's not your CPU.

          Sounds like you got the shareware keypad plugin. You need the "buy-me" version from

          The guy has been known to send out the plugin if you email him


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            I think that I have found a plugin better than the one found on and it has an shutdown feature intergrated into the keypad plugin. Here's the url I must give this man (Blackwind) props I wish I could program plugins cause if I could mine would look like this one. And best of all ITS FREE!

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              Blackwind's program is really cool.
              Don't bother with that "crippleware" that you started out with.

              BTW, don't worry about your CPU. For a dedicated MP3 system, you're gonna be alright choosing a Cyrix.




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                Thanks for all the positive feed back on my plug-in.

                For those of you who are interested I'm currently moving so the next revision of the plug-in should be out in a month or so.

                Anyway my real point in posting was to inform everyone that I am switching ISPs which means a new URL & Email address. These would be...

                Email - [email protected]
                (Does that look silly or what?)

                Last thing, if you've emailed at during the past month I'm not ignoring you, I didn't get it due to the move.

                Have Fun,