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    hey guys, does anyone know a way i can interface voice dialing into my system. I have a motorola startac (7760 i think)and i know there are adapters to make it a modem. I am using a bookpc as the carputer. I know there used to be a post about voice recognition, and i read it, but i dont know if any solutions for my problem were adressed there. Let me know what you guys think.


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    if u can hook the phone up to the computer and dial using it, i would be simple to map several macros to voice commands using any of the popular voice software.
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      Another program you might want to look at is one called InCube. I think it might be referred to by its logo, IN3, with the "3" being in superscript.

      It runs macros with voice commands.

      You'd have to look for it, though. I haven't played with it in years...


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