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  • Computer Screwed - Please Help

    In trying to lower my boot time, I tried to update my bios, and was unsuccesful. It appeared as though it didn't even update it at all (even though I was trying to get it to, no "writing" really took place that I saw), but nevertheless when I restarted my PC, I got 8 straight beeps and it wont boot from a floppy.

    I checked AMI's (my bios) webpage, and it says 8 beeps has to do with a video card or video card memory problem. I removed the card, same thing, 8 beeps.

    I then removed the CMOS battery, and let it sit out for a few hours, reinerted it, but stlil no go... 8 beeps.

    Now... Could anyone help me diagnose this problem? Reason I would rather not take it in to be looked at is, its a P200MMX motherboard/chip, will be used in my Car MP3 player. Taking into a tech will cost me $50 to just see it, at LEAST. If If I KNOW my motherboard is screwed, I can just buy a P200MMX compatible motherboard for under $40, and not even bother with a techie.

    Any ideas?

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    You probably erased your BIOS and since the write part didn't happen means you don't have a BIOS or a corrupt version of it. Also did you replace the video card with another. removing it will give the same error (since it can't not see it)

    Whatever don't take it to a tech most of them will be clueless to the problem and charge you more than a new top of the line mobo. I would try to update the BIOS again with the latest version or and old version (did you save you BIOS first?) If that didn't work get a new mobo


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      Boards toast. If it has a removable BIOS chip, you may be able to find another. Otherwise, get a new board. AT boards are very cheap nowadays anyway.

      Oh, and don't update your BIOS unless you have a specific, good reason to do it. Upgrading the BIOS is not something to take lightly, as any number of things can go wrong. When I do it (which is rare), I remove everything from the computer but the floppy and video card. I also put the machine on a UPS, and make a back up copy of the BIOS first. I also contact the manufacturer to make sure that sperate BIOS chips are available. Frankly, I'm surprised that so many people take upgrading the BIOS so lightly. Read any manual, or look at any motherboard manufacturers site and you will hear very good reasons not to do it unless there is no other solution.

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        I'm afraid I'll have to side with Aaron on this one... the motherboard's probably toast now... actually you might spend less time and heartache just going out and getting another AT motherboard to take your CPU than spending time, energy and money troubleshooting it.

        Check your local area for some used PC hardware stores... Computer Renaissance or some local indy shop... they often have good deals on old mobos. I personally prefer the indy shops... they're usually cheaper


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          Well, I'm going to go out and borrow a cheap video card today and give that a shot, since that is what "8 beeps" signifies in my bios. If not, I'll spring for a new motherboard. As for updating the bios, I know its basically along the lines of giving your PC a lobotomy, but seeing as this PC is only going to be used for my MP3 car, I needed to find someway to lower boot time by skipping the memory test and having the hard drive be recognized without scanning.

          I appreciate you guys help.