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  • Need help with Macros

    I am using the car mp3 keyboard plugin and I want to create a macro that copies files from lets say a CD rom (G:\) to my hdd (c:\mp3\) Can anyone here show me how it's done? Also I need to create a macro that shut down winamp...sometimes wanna restart the proggie...seems stupid to keep rebooting...

    Thanks to all for help!
    "Trying is the first step to failure"
    - Homer Simpson

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    Create a text file called "copycd.bat" and put the following text in it:
    copy g:\*.* c:\mp3
    xcopy g:\*.* c:\mp3 /s (use this one if you have directories you want copied)

    To execute the file or shutdown Winamp, it will depend on what software you are using. I'm not familiar with the keyboard plugin.
    Do you mean keypad?


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      I am using blackwinds keypad controller with options for macros. The URL is

      I will try using a bat file later....thanks!
      "Trying is the first step to failure"
      - Homer Simpson


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        Yes the batch file will work with my plugin simply by using a load in the macro. You may need to put *.* in the open dialog to see it though.

        Anyway more thoughts on it. If you're relying solely on charter LCD for output try using /Y parameter to suppress the confirm overwrite prompt. This way the batch file won't hang up on you waiting for input.


        copy g:\*.* c:\mp3 /Y
        xcopy g:\*.* c:\mp3 /S /Y

        To build an on the fly playlist add this to the end of the batch file...

        dir c:\mp3\*.MP3 /S /O /B > myplaylist.m3u

        Note: that this won't load the list, it only goin to make one (acutally a pls not a true m3u). You'll need to assign a second macro to do this.

        It's funny I've coded that type of thing into the private version of the plugin (the full keyboard one)... I just figured no one would want something like it.

        As for a winamp shut down...

        There's supposed to be a message in the winamp plugin SDK that allows you to exit winamp but I couldn't get it working. My best suggestion is to write a program that sends a WM_Close to winamp. I didn't include this option because most people seem to run winamp as a shell and from that stand point it doesn't seem all that odd just to reboot the system.

        Last thing, my URL is changing real soon. The new one is

        Have fun,

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