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Anyone knows gpsD ??

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  • Anyone knows gpsD ??

    Check out

    here is a brief disc. : "About gpsd
    gpsd is a service daemon that monitors a GPS attached to a host computer through a serial or USB port, making its data on the location/course/velocity of the sensor available to be queried on TCP port 2947 of the host computer. With gpsd, multiple GPS client applications (such as navigational and wardriving software) can share access to a GPS without contention or loss of data. Also, gpsd responds to queries with a format that is substantially easier to parse than the NMEA 0183 emitted by most GPSes. The gpsd distribution includes a linkable C service library and a Python module that developers of gpsd-aware applications can use to encapsulate all communication with gpsd.

    The goal of the gpsd project is to create a solid layer of open-source infrastructure for programs running under Linux and other open-source Unixes that want to be location-sensitive. We aim for simple, robust interfaces, unfussy operation, and an easy learning curve for application developers. Applications that presently use gpsd include pyGPS, Kismet, GPSdrive, gpeGPS, and roadmap.

    Under Linux, gpsd normally runs with zero configration. The RPM installs an init script to start gpsd at boot time, and hotplug scripts that do the right thing when a USB device goes active, informing the running gpsd which device to read data from. Then, gpsd deduces a baud rate and GPS type by looking at the data stream.

    No, we don't support Windows get a better operating system. Our main focus is open-source Unixes Linux, and the *BSD family. We'll support proprietary Unixes and hybrids like Mac OS X if it's not too much work (and it usually isn't)."

    well, if you ask me, sounds fcukinglotly nice!

    anyone feels like embedding it in FP or centrafuse?
    not to mention to compile it for windows....


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    Interface to serial port is different, luckily there are already other ways of achieving this on windows, such as Xport and GPSGate.
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