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VBR vs 192bps encoding?

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  • VBR vs 192bps encoding?

    i just downloaded musicmatch and it seems to rip a lot better than audio catalis...thanks

    now i'm wondering about one thing...whats the sound dif between vbr and 192kbs? i noticed that the times are all screwed up cause of vbr but it ripps much faster (5x vs 0.5x) is there a noticable dif in the sound and size (i'm useing 100%vbr)

    just cerious thanks


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    100% VBR all the way!! I only use it, as the sound quality is poor any other way. Music match is by far the best for it too.
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      MP3 removes all the quiet parts etc that have no noticeable effect on the sound until the sound is so busy that it to has to be compressed.

      I have tried the 128K and could tell in certain busy parts (lots of percussion and different instruments, singers) you could hear the sound quality drop as compression tried to make the size 128KBPS.

      VBR allows the compressor to decide exactly how much compression is needed at a given point in the music.

      For example on some quiet sections the BPS drops to 96K and at the loudest/busiest sections it increases to 160K (VBR at 50%)

      Setting a single bit rate is the most universally compatible format, but If you only care about how it sounds to you then use VBR.

      My file sizes are the same for VBR at 50% as they are at 128K compression yet the sound quality on VBR is much better.

      I'll have to test setting it to 100%, I randomly chose 50% and liked it so I never bothered switching.

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        I just did some 100% VBR. The file size was 10-20% bigger than at 50%vbr, but the bit rate goes all the way up to around 256bps.

        I think I will stay with 100% VBR.
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          I like 75% ... just my personal opinion