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  • Need some icon/graphics resources

    I'm in the process of trying to make my own skin for some as-yet-undecided front end, and have come to the part where I need some icons. I couldn't find a dedicated thread for this so I'm starting one. Maybe it will help out some people.
    - Tutorials on icon CREATION and skinning, mostly using Corel. Still some cool stuff on there.
    - Someone else posted this in a random thread, and it's definitely worth the bookmark. Just like it sounds, a huge list of a ton of commercial logos.
    - Here's something I couldn't do without, tons of photoshop tutorials. Sort of de-mystifies a lot of stuff. Tons of the really cool stuff you see is really easy to do, very happymaking. They're both basically the same site.
    - Tons of icons and links to people's pages with icons. Please make sure it's okay to use if you're going to use someone's personal work. The Deskbase section of the site has a bunch of handy links as well.
    - Free font site, lots of stuff. Simple to navigate.

    Check your Webdings and Wingdings fonts if you're on a windows box, there's a ton of handy little graphics in there for you to discover.

    What I haven't been able to locate quite yet is some online versions of the little 'supported' graphics that are usually on DVD players. Like the MP3 CD icon, etc.

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    Couple more:
    Converts ICO to PNG and back, very simple to use. And FREEWARE! You have no idea how long it took me to find something like this.
    Can extract icons from directories, executables, or dlls. Great program, the Pro version can do 24bit icons as well, and it's just $10 bucks.
    Has some nice folder icons
    Lots of free windows and mac icons and links to icon sites
    Older site, has a nice variety of icons
    Small straightforward collection of various icons in PNG format: Office Icons, Aqua Icons, Various Applications Icons, Internet Icons, Objects, Various Folders, Hardrives


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      type anything.ico and you'll get lots of icons.
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        Some I posted earlier

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          where might decent play/pause rewind etc icons be found

          or do most of you skinners just make them on the spot Boris
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            There's some good stuff here on Microsoft's Gallery:
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              Originally posted by lostreception
              where might decent play/pause rewind etc icons be found

              or do most of you skinners just make them on the spot Boris
              You can try the Webdings font.
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                I personally like to use the Bookdings font for play, pause, fast forward, rewind, speaker, next track, previous track, etc.
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